3 New Ways To Think About Your Hair Colour

We may just be getting our heads around the likes of ombre, dip dye and pastel hair, but the latest trends for 2015 have us totally re-imagining the colour of our locks. This year is set to raise the bar as far as colour is concerned – here are a few highlights…

Colour contouring
If you’re a fan of make-up contouring, you’ll know the flattering effects it can have on your bone structure. Well, the clever people at Charles Worthington have applied the art of contouring to hair. By using carefully placed hair colour and ‘micro lights’ (fine pieces of subtle lightness), they can enhance your individual face shape. ‘It’s a totally bespoke way of colouring hair to freshen, flatter and lift the face,’ explains Art Team Director Marc Trinder. One thing we can all learn is to align the lightest point of highlights around our face – particularly if you have a rounder shape – to elongate and brighten.

Metallic hues
From gold hair barrettes at Celine to a dash of bronze shadow on the inner corners of eyes at Julien Macdonald, adoration for all things metallic shone clear at the spring/summer 2015 shows – and the hair pros are following suit. Silver and gold hair is on the horizon with Redken Metal Fix, a liquid pomade that can be used to create the illusion of shimmering highlights or a gleaming liquid metal finish on slicked back hair. What’s more, London hairdressers HARIs have developed a new technique that we predict will filter down to the high street soon – adding a soft bronze effect to locks, which in turn compliments your skin tone and face shape.

Pixelated shades
Of all the things, it’s ‘pixels’ that are inspiring creative hair choices this year. The latest quirky colour trend creating a storm on social media involves dying hair to give the illusion of pixelated graphics – yes, it sounds odd, but the final look is actually pretty cool. Pioneered by the likes of Revlon Professional in their latest campaign and hair colourists at trend-setting salon X-pression Creativos over in Madrid, word on the street is it’s making its way to London salons very soon. Keep your eyes peeled.



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