Are You Hiding In A Cupboard Right Now? 8 Surprising New Year’s Resolution Revelations

You made them and you may be breaking them right about now. Yes, we’re talking about New Year’s resolutions and we can blame / thank the Romans for the tradition. At the beginning of each year they made promises to Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions whom January is named after, paving the way for the annual feat in willpower that’s still going strong today.

Indeed our New Year survey of 7,200 GLOSSYBOX members found that 42% of you religiously make resolution every year. But 72% of those resolutions are broken within the first few months, 19% within the first few weeks and it seems you’re a secretive bunch too…

42% of you have broken a resolution and never admitted it

Glossy Girl Shh2

14% of you have gone to extreme lengths to conceal your resolution fails, hiding in a cupboard or loo


The ultimate night owls, 12% of Glossies set an alarm in the middle of the night in order to break resolutions without being rumbled! Let’s hope no one is sleeping next to you

Alarm Clock2

But we wish you all luck… especially the 16% of Glossies who resolved to get out of a bad relationship this year

Broken Heart 2

As well as the 12% who pledged to say goodbye to toxic office environments

Resignation letter2

And the 21% of women who promised to save money in 2015. Hopefully the spare cash means you can continue to treat yourself to GLOSSYBOX deliveries this year. Get yours here

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Thanks to all the Glossies who entered our survey and as promised, one of you has won our specially curated beauty bundle – congratulations to Rachael Cass! Happy 2015



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